This designer has a passion for the arts. Shelby has studied at Riverside Community College for four years earning herself three associates degrees. After graduating from community college, she applied to Cal Poly Pomona and got accepted. These were three of the most stressful years she has endured, but they were also three of the most rewarding years in her life. Shelby has been blessed with support from family, friends and her church which often times overlap. She loves the work she does and can happily adjust to new corporate environments. This designer also values family and well-oiled work relationships. 
Shelby is often influenced by fine art which is seen commonly in her work. She does not want to lose the quality of what the human hand can do. Her inspiration draws from nature and street art. She has achieved her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design with a minor in Studio Art. This designer is excited to see what this world has to offer and inspire other people along the way of her expressive lifestyle.
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