Vinny, who owns a deli in Connecticut, heard about me from a print shop in Riverside,CA and asked me to create a billboard for him.

He wasn't sure of what he wanted and while still in the thumbnails stage, he wanted to change the concept to a lobster holding a sandwich and a can of Pepsi with the name of the shop somewhere on the billboard.

Keeping the new concept in mind, I wanted the billboard to be easiest to read (black and white) and allow for the comedy to take center stage. 

My design seen below shows a lobster with a crown, sunglasses, can of Pepsi and a sandwich in a lawn chair. The colors have a summer vibe, letting that lobster red lead the way.
This billboard went through a few sketches but Vinny did land on a thumbnail sketch he liked.
The illustration was completed on the iPad Pro and the typography was done in Illustrator. Overall this was a fun and educational piece to make and is bringing in revenue and more customers for Vinny today!
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