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my work ethic
I like to help people achieve their goals and believe in this forward thinking world, design is a useful tool most people can benefit from.

my growth
Growth comes from my decision to just keep swimming & soak in as much knowledge as I can along the way from mentors, clients and online resources.

my integrity
I want to leave my clients and mentors with the feeling that they chose the right person for the job. This drives me to find new and interesting ways to design that help businesses succeed in the their financial goals.
Shelby always stood out with incredible work ethic, positive attitude and ready for any challenge! From my squiggly sketches, she transformed them into a custom logo and found custom fonts to match. The brand is attractive and the website is amazing. Visit to be impressed! 
- Dennis McGee
Shelby is delightful to work with! She is enthusiastic, organized, efficient, professional and creative. Once she understood my concept, she was able to create my logo and business cards which present the precise look that I want.

Shelby is highly capable and meets every challenge with aplomb. She is currently uploading pages to my Squarespace website as I need them. She created the website too. It looks great!
- Robin Adams
Shelby designed an amazing logo and business cards for my piano teaching side hustle. She really took into account my personal style and desires and made the card feel like an extension of myself. She made sure I was satisfied every step of the way! The logo, font, color, layout and overall look of the card is stunning and I'm always proud to hand them to a potential customer.
- Meghan Law
Because of Shelby, I was able to get a logo that really spoke to a brand I'm trying to drive. I came to her with an idea and she ran with it. She gave me some constructive feedback and encouraged me to see it a different way. I put my trust in her and got an awesome product. We worked really well together and communicated daily on every change. The complete logo took less than 2 weeks. 

She was always positive and took my concerns to the drawing board to make it work. I'm looking forward to our next collaboration. Thanks Shelby! It is appreciated.
- Fernando Alvarez
IG: Fernandos_tacos_and_more
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