This sermon series is all about Jesus. He was a rebel in his time that gained many real life followers. This series grabs attentions through graphics and scripture like Jesus did when he told parables to the crowds of thousands.

The client wanted the type to have contrast. The word "Beautiful" was drawn in a way to show fluidity and softness, whereas "Outlaw" was drawn to illustrate boldness and strength. 

I wanted a rough and dark background to match the texture and contrast found in the lettering. The roses are a design element to further attract the audience as roses are usually pleasant to look at.
For each sermon series completed, the client wants: projector slide backgrounds (4) IG stories (3) IG posts (4) slide banners (2) podcast slide & IG post, web graphic and short video shown below.
Sometimes I have complete creative freedom. 
Other times, I am translating the clients vision into reality.
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